SBMPTN Provides 90,000 Seats

SINDO, Page 5 (2)

The joint selection for entry to state universities (SBMPTN) provides 90,000 seats. The registration for written test selection is open today until June 7.

The Chairman of the SBMPTN 2013 Committee, Akhmaloka, said that the 90,000 seats cover various study programs in 62 state higher education institutions. The Committee reminds students to be careful to the deception in Twitter and Facebook accounts that use the name of the SBMPTN Committee.

He also said that the pattern of written test is still used due to being more efficient, inexpensive, and flexible. The test questions are designed to measure general ability that determines the success of prospective students in all study programs.

The Director of Academic Administration of UGM (Gadjah Mada University), Sri Peni Wastungingsih, said that UGM provides a quota of 1,997 seats for new students through SBMPTN. It is 30 % of the total students accepted by UGM.


SBMPTN Provides 90,000 Seats

SBMPTN Provides 90,000 Seats


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