Weaknesses Are Still Found in the New Curriculum

Media Indonesia, Page 14 (1)

The Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali admitted that the Curriculum 2013 still have many weaknesses. However, he insisted to apply the curriculum in the coming July as the contents are improvement of the former curriculum.

According to the Religious Affairs Minister, among other weaknesses, many teachers have not understood the characteristics of the former curriculum. And then there is the issue of integration of natural sciences and social sciences in the Indonesian language subject in primary schools, and the existence of regional languages is only regulated through circular letters of regional heads. Due to those weaknesses, many parties keep criticizing the curriculum. Certainly, those are constructive criticisms that provide overall evaluation of the curriculum.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science of Jakarta State University (UNJ) Komarudin said that there is no problem with the changing curriculum as long as it is really intended for improvement of the whole curriculum.

The Education and Culture Minister M Nuh believes that the Curriculum 2013 can go smoothly. The reason is that that education unit level curriculum (KTSP) could go smoothly without training, let alone the Curriculum 2013 that provides teachers with books and a week’s training.

Weaknesses Are Still Found in the New Curriculum

Weaknesses Are Still Found in the New Curriculum


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