Telkomsel Hands Out Scholarships

Republika, Page 19

PT Telkomsel gave scholarships to 132 students with high achievements across Indonesia plus an additional two students in certain areas to help the progress of education in the country. This activity is a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for education.

Telkomsel handed out scholarships for students who achieved the highest national exam scores in their respective regions. This scholarship program is crucial for the development of the nation.

Previously, Telkomsel also had many educational programs such as Telkomsel Mengajar, Integrated School Digital Media, and Telkomsel Community.

Telkomsel handed out scholarships worth Rp 9 million for elementary schools students, Rp 18 million for junior high school students, and Rp 27 million for high school students.

Telkomsel Hands Out Scholarships

Telkomsel Hands Out Scholarships


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