Honorary Teachers in Pekanbaru Raises Concern

Republika, Page 5 (1)

Zaidir Albaiza, a lawmaker from the Pekanbaru Legislative Assembly in Riau, says the status of honorary teachers in elementary schools in this region raises concerns despite them having been educators for tens of years. He said he received many reports stating it is still unclear when these teachers will be promoted to civil servants. The Pekanbaru Legislative Assembly has scheduled a meeting with the Head of the Pekanbaru Education Office, Zulfadil, to discuss the fate of these honorary teachers.

Zaidir said another complaint he received was regarding how some teachers were unable to participate in Education and Training for Teacher Profession (PLPG) in order to obtain a certificate. He plans to question Pekanbaru Mayor Firdaus MT about the status of these honorary teachers that have yet to be promoted as civil servants.

Honorary Teachers in Pekanbaru Raises Concern

Honorary Teachers in Pekanbaru Raises Concern

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