Improve Allowance Payment System

Kompas, page 12

The payment of certified teacher professional allowance every three months throughout the regions in Indonesia has not run smoothly. The government is asked to immediately improve the allowance disbursement system by disbursing on a monthly basis.

Chairman of the Board of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association Sulistiyo said the payment system of teacher professional allowance (TPG) to date is still problematic, ranging from delays to shortage of payments.   His party expects the government to immediately improve the payment system so teachers could feel calm and there is certainty in receiving their rights.

On the other hand, teachers are also asked to make use of the TPG fund for self improvement for the sake of improving the quality of learning in school.   Sulistiyo added teachers’ awareness has appeared now to make use of TPG funds for the purchase of books or take part in training.

AS, a teacher in MTS Negeri Talawi Sawahlunto, West Sumatera, supports TPG payment system improvement on a monthly basis together with salary.   According to AS, teachers on the ground feel that TPG payments of every three months or six months actually create much polemic. Payments are oftentimes not whole, and then there are cuts for document arrangements.

Separately, Head of Human Resources, Education and Culture, and Education Quality Assurance Ministry of Education and Culture Syawal Gultom revealed, starting 2015 the ministry would implement the performance index system to measure/ gauge the quality of teachers, principals, and school supervisors.   This index is also for determining the amount of teacher remunerations.

Improve Allowance Payment System

Improve Allowance Payment System

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