Unand Pursues ASEAN Accreditation

Republika, page 5

University of Andalas Education Development and Quality Assurance Agency (LP3M Unand) Padang is pursuing eight study programs (prodi) to penetrate accreditation in the ASEAN level starting 2015.

LP3M Unand Secretary Ade Djulardi said the eight Prodi, namely medicine, Indonesian literature, animal husbandry, pharmacy, agricultural produce technology,  mechanical engineering, biology, and accounting obtained recommendation of BAN-PT (National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education) for promotion to take part in ASEAN level accreditation assessment.

One effort to realize the objective was to conduct audit and coordination with the relevant prodi.   Especially, he added, in terms of preparation of accreditation form documents and the completeness of facilities and infrastructure as well as supporting resources.

Of such requirements the said prodi have twice consecutively obtained grade A national accreditation.    In addition, in terms of the completeness of accreditation form documents for accreditation of the eight prodi have been consistent for every assessment or visitation by BAN-PT.

On the other hand, Ade stated, in terms of resources owned by all eight prodi they have met BAN-PT requirements, such as the number of doctors and professors have exceeded 60 percent.    In terms of productivity the eight prodi have also produced many scientific works/papers, researches, as well as books that are applicable among the public.

This measure is a new breakthrough to realize the dream of becoming a world class university.     From such sample prodi or study programs, it would later be apparent how far Unand’s chance is to compete internationally.

Unand Rector Werry Darta Taifur welcomed the proposed eight prodi for ASEAN accreditation assessment.    According to him, with Indonesia’s dominance in ASEAN, this would be an opportunity for Unand to develop further, especially in channeling resources that are competitive and full of achievement.

Unand Pursues ASEAN Accreditation

Unand Pursues ASEAN Accreditation

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