International Classes Grow

Kompas, page 11

State universities increasingly open international classes. In addition to attracting foreign students, domestic students are also interested in taking such classes despite the higher cost. However, opening of such classes are expected to be preceded by improvement in education quality and not to discriminate education services.

Based on data of public relations of the Universtity of Indonesia (UI), there are 14 study programs with the international special classes, such as Economics, Accounting, Psychology, and Communications Science. Head of UI Public Relations Office Rifelly Dwi Astuti disclosed the number of foreign students is now ten times as many as that in early 2000. There are 104 students with various programs. According to Rifelly, the contributor to the increase in foreign students is indeed the international special classes.

At the University of Padjajaran, Bandung, study programs which are internationally accredited are of interest to foreign students to study there. According to Vice Rector I University of Padjajaran Engkus Kuswarno, most foreign students take health studies such as Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy. There are also those taking study programs in social studies such as Communications.

Higher education expert Djoko Santoso affirmed, before admitting foreign students, the campus must transform itself in order not to disappoint students. According to Djoko, the transformation include improvement of lecturer quality, increasing research, and publication of research, and publication of journals.

It was similarly disclosed by higher education observer cum Professor of Bandung Institute of Technology Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro. In addition to improving the quality of lecturers and research, the education service standard must also be fair. There should not be different treatment from students with the same major. Satryo added that education should not be commercialized. The objectives of education is for maturation of thought, care/awareness, and fairness.

Meanwhile, Head of Subdirectorate of Higher Education Inter-Agency Cooperation Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Purwanto Subroto disclosed, rules, guidelines and definitions of the international classes are still unavailable. However, every university is asked to consider the number of students.

International Classes Grow

International Classes Grow

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