Schools Reject Divine’s Apology

Republika, page 5

Eight high schools (SMA), Tuesday (28/4), reported Divine Production, the event organizer (EO) responsible for planning bikini parties recently.   The schools reported the EO for defamation and insult against the educational institutions.

Principal of SMAN 29 Jakarta Ratna Budiarti, as representative of the eight schools, said her party filed a suit and requested the EO openly apologize through the print, electronic, and online media.

Related to the apology to the schools whose names had been misused, Ratna explained the school principals who felt disadvantaged rejected the EO’s apology, because it was deemed the apology was not officially nor seriously made.   In the apology letter, there was no letterhead and those responsible, so her party could not accept such an apology.

The eight schools that had reported to the police included SMAN 29, SMAN 31, SMAN 53, SMAN 12, SMAN 24, SMAN 44, SMAN 109, and SMAN 38.  The report number LP/1627/IV/PMJ/2015/Ditreskrimum dated 28 April 2015 was made with the complainant as Ratna Budiarti.

Earlier, SMA Muhammadiyah 11 Jakarta had already reported to the police first. So there are a total of 9 out of 15 schools whose names were misused in the bikini party invitation that reported the EO to the police.

Schools Reject Divine's Apology

Schools Reject Divine’s Apology

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