Preventing Violence, Sex Education Proposed to be entered into Curriculum

Since it was proposed in 1999, until now early childhood sex education has yet to enter Indonesia’s education curriculum. Commissioner of the Indonesia Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Erlinda said the constraint is in the thinking paradigm of the public, stakeholders, as well as the government itself. Actually, according to Erlinda, sex education is crucial to preventing sexual abuse against children. With the presence of sex education, children could be spared from the comprehension of sex from poor sources.

According to Erlinda, in turn it could also be inserted the understanding of ethics, morals and divinity. She gave an example that a child’s body  is God entrusted, very precious, so not only should its cleanliness be maintained, but also guarded against obscene persons because you have pride and honor.

According to Vice Chairman of Programs of Women’s and Child Empowerment Integrated Service Center (P2TPPA) of DKI Jakarta, Margareth Hanita, many people think early childhood sex education teaches biology, when actually, it teaches the consequences of their being male and female. She encouraged education institutions to teach sex education,  the awareness to respect other people, and their rights as children. According to her, that is already an obligation, because if the country wants to prevent it should be through education institutions, otherwise, it would be difficult.

Based on P2PPA data, the number of violence (cases) against women and children continues to rise every year. This year, East Jakarta becomes the area with the highest sexual abuse/violence against children in Indonesia. Sex education, according to KPAI has been proposed to be entered into the education curriculum since 1999. However, to date it has not yet entered the curriculum.


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