Kemdikbud Sets Priority Program

Koran Sindo, page 5

Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) stated there are no significant obstacles to running the work program despite a budget cut of up to Rp 9.4 trillion in 2017. This was expressed by Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy during a work meeting with House Commission X last weekend.

Muhadjir said so far there had been disparity of quality among state and private educational institutions.  Therefore, next year Kemendikbud focuses on suppressing the disparity with various flagship programs, including teacher quality improvement, means and infrastructure provisioning, to familiarizing of curriculum 2013.

To improve the quality of teachers, next year Kemendikbud will help increase the qualifications of 14,000 teachers, provide incentives to 116,000 non-civil servant (non-PNS) teachers, and provide special allowances to 24,000 teachers. In addition, Kemendikbud also provides 796,000 learner teachers, certification to 100,000 teachers, and provide literacy assistance to 96,000 people and provide the budget to send 3,500 teachers to frontier regions.

Related to means and infrastructure, Kemendikbud scheduled various infrastructure programs in 2017. This includes building 210 new school units, building 2,500 new classrooms, rehabilitate 41,000 classrooms, renovate 294 schools, building 2,140 laboratories, and building 1,332 libraries.

Meanwhile, concerning familiarizing of curriculum 2013, Kemendikbud will conduct assistance to 74,000 schools in order to facilitate adaptation of schools that have so far still used the 2006 curriculum. Whereas in increasing access to education, in 2017 Kemendikbud again distributes Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) to 17.9 million underprivileged students.

House Commission X Deputy Chairman Sutan Adil Hendra hopes with the budget cut for education, Kemendikbud prioritizes more on human (resource) quality improvement programs as compared to infrastructure projects. He views the quality of Indonesia’s human resources is still incapable of competing with those overseas.

sindo_kemendikbud tetapkan program prioritas


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