Auction for the Renovation of 45 Schools Fails

Republika, page 22

The Education Agency of Jakarta Special Region (DKI) had planned to renovate 83 schools, but only 38 schools are eligible for renovations. While the auctions of 45 schools also needing renovations had failed due to insufficient time.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Education Agency, Sopan Adrianto said on Monday (5/9) that the announcement of the auction just came out in late August. Thus with only 3.5 months left so it was cancelled due to insufficient time. Sopan also added that the location of some of the schools was a consideration for the cancellation. The narrow streets accessing the schools caused difficulties for heavy equipment to enter. Therefore most of the work has to be done manually and it would take more time.

Sopan also added that the budget allocated for renovations this year amounted to Rp 1.04 trillion. But with the failure of the 45 schools, then only Rp 471 billion of the budget would be realized. While the remaining Rp 571 billion would be returned to the regional treasury. Cancellation of the construction/renovation of these 45 schools was also because his party did not want any more schools left unfinished. The renovation of the failed schools would be proposed again for auction next year.

Meanwhile, Vice Governor of Jakarta Djarot Saiful Hidayat suggested that the schools failed for renovations could be financed through the obligations of developers. Djarot added that it could be a comparison both in terms of price as well as quality as reference for school renovations in the future.

republika_lelang renovasi 45 sekolah gagal


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