DIY Students Rank Highest as Internet User

Students in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) in fact have a high interest in accessing the internet. This was proven with the high number of students who access the internet in the area famous for gudeg (local food). The overall students’ interest in accessing the internet is very high. Most of then are students from junior high school (SMP) level. This was conveyed by Gantjang Amanullah, the Director of People’s Welfare Statistics (Kesra) of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

Nevertheless, Gantjang said that the high percentage of students who access the Internet, can possibly be for other than   searching reading materials related to school subjects. Parents are asked to take part in accompanying their children when they are accessing the Internet

The BPS data has recorded that the percentage of DIY student saccessing the Internet in the last three months ranks the highest with 57.74 percent. Meanwhile, the second and third positions were occupied by Jakarta Province with 56.21 percent and the Province of Riau Islands with 43.25 percent. The majority of DIY students who access the internet are university students reaching 94.73 percent. But the junior high school students ranking second with 81.39 percent should receive serious attention from the parents and teachers. Third and fourth positions are occupied by students in High Schools / Vocational High Schools amounted to 58.67 percent and 29.86 percent are primary school students.

BPS defines the activity of accessing the internet is when someone takes the time to access the Internet either using a computer or a PC, laptop, or even a mobile phone, so that he can use or enjoy the amenities of the internet such as internet searching for literatures or references, seeking information or news, communications, browsing, e-mail or chatting, online gaming, and others.


okezone_Pelajar DIY Pengakses Internet Tertinggi


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