Improving Distance Tertiary Studies

Kompas, page 12

Open University is challenged to become a service provider of quality long life education.   Its ability to hold distance lectures/studies also prompts this government owned university to be relied upon to increase higher education gross enrollment rate.  Expert Staff of Academic Division of Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Paulina Pannen said distance higher education would be increasingly popular now and in future.   This was conveyed by Paulina at the Peak of the 32 Year Anniversary of Open University or Universitas Terbuka (UT) in South Tangerang, Monday (5/9).

By continuing to conduct innovation, according to her, UT would be able to provide flexible educational services, even becoming the entry point for foreign students to study in universities in Indonesia. UT is the only university which fully undertakes distance education (PJJ).  In addition to UT, there are 16 universities permitted to hold PJJ, but not all study programs and subjects in these universities are able to be given through distance learning.

UT Rector Tian Belawati said, the PJJ system enables Indonesian citizens within the country and overseas (28 countries) to follow lectures without time, geographic, or financial constraints. UT once reached/achieved the most number of students, about 600,000 people, when the government required/ obliged teachers to be qualified with D-IV/S-1.

According to Tian, the use of information and communications technology in education services continues to follow the latest technological developments.   Starting 2017, UT students obtain digital teaching materials for free.   Hence, there is no more complaint of delayed printed teaching materials/modules.

kompas_tingkatkan kuliah jarak jauh


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