Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Summons State High School (SMAN) 4

Republika, page 8

Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has received a complaint of alleged violations of children’s rights from a student with the initials DPR who studies at one of the high schools in Bandung. DPR reported he received a grade of zero for mathematics as written in his report card.

Commissioner of KPAI, Erlinda said that KPAI has immediately demanded clarification from several parties, such as the Bandung Education Agency as well as the reported school. In addition, KPAI has also received input from the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Union (FSGI) on the case. Erlinda explained that after all the details were complete, KPAI will see to what extent could the problem be advocated. She continued that at present the KPAI has already sent a summons to the reported parties to clarify DPR’s allegations.

According to Danny, father of “DPR”, the case began when DPR was ill for two weeks and asked for permission not to attend Bahasa Indonesia lessons for four days because his son had to attend training for Biology Olympiad. Then, the teacher scolded DPR and influenced the other teachers and at the end DPR got zero grade in math. DPR was then declared to have failed the class in June 2016 (not entitled to go to the next level).

Meanwhile, the Principal of SMAN 4, where DPR went to school has denied the allegations and said that DPR failed the class not just because of the zero in math, but he also scored below standard in four subjects. Whilst, the zero grade was the consequence of using a computer based report card. When using the IT application what appears is a zero, but actually it is a blank score because the teacher still gave a chance to the student to make improvements.

republika_KPAI panggil pihak SMAN 4


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