Open University Launched on Radio and TV

Open University (UT) is the provider for open and long distance education. Currently, there are some 300,000 UT students across Indonesia. UT students are also resident in 28 countries. The various backgrounds of the students bring out the need for variance in access options so that learning activities can continue under any conditions.

On the celebration of the 32nd Anniversary of UT, Monday, 5 September 2016, its Rector, Tian Belawati said that the development of both media aims to support the process of learning activities and strengthening the mastery of courses competency. UT therefore launched UT-Radio and UT-TV.

Tian added that UT-Radio provides broadcast of courses tutorial, general education, UT information dissemination and entertainment. This radio is transmitted via the internet. UT-Radio broadcasts for 24 hours and can be accessed by first opening the UT website. Students or public who cannot hear the broadcasts on schedule can access the rerun broadcasts through podcast feature. UT-TV has several programs, such as tutorials, practices, course enrichments and UT information.

UT-Radio and UT-TV add to the learning facilities and services from UT using Communication and Information Technology (TIK). Previously, UT has provided several learning services on a TIK basis such as online tutorial, digital library, virtual reading room, digital teaching materials, dry lab and online-based courses enrichment. In addition, UT has open educational resources (OER) that provide educational materials and can be widely accessed by society without charge.



tempoCo_Universitas Terbuka Luncurkan Radio dan TV


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