Teacher Allowance Sucks Up Rp 56.6 Trillion

Jawa Pos, page 12

The 2017 Special Allocation Fund or Dana Alokasi Khusus (DAK) education field reaches Rp 116.98 trillion.   From that amount, the largest expenditure is to pay teacher professional allowance (TPG) to those with civil servant (PNS) status. Its allocation reached Rp 56.6 trillion.   The money is distributed to 1.3 million regional PNS teachers throughout Indonesia.  Referring to the 2017 Draft State Budget, DAK of education field is divided into two groups, namely physical and non-physical.   However, its composition is very unbalanced.   Physical DAK is Rp 8.1 trillion, whereas the non-physical DAK is Rp 108.8 trillion.

Physical DAK is related to education infrastructure development.   However, its nominal is only one eighth of allowance money for teachers. In contrast, the majority of non-physical DAK considered far greater is channeled to pay teacher allowance.

Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Sumarna Surapranata said, the TPG allocation is still proposed. The value is not necessarily that big. The 2017 TPG allocation could be reduced if there is a remainder of the 2016 period TPG budget. There are several factors that lead to TPG current year money not to be absorbed hence resulting in budget surplus. One cause is there are teachers who retire in the middle of the year.   Then there are teachers who are transferred into structural employees. Also, teachers who do not meet requirements obtain TPG. For example, not meeting the minimal face-to-face teaching duration of 24 hours per week.

Education observer Indra Charismiadji criticized the budget sharing scheme.   According to him, this gives the impression of using up the budget.  The proof is the amount of allocation for TPG and School Operational Assistance (BOS) is many times fold from that of education infrastrructure development.   The disbursement of TPG to date has not shown maximum results.     Its indication is the teacher competency scores are still low.

jawapos_tunjangan guru sedot rp 56-6t


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