Zero Grade on Report Card Violates Student’s Rights

Recently, a student, Dvijatma Puspita Rahmani, failed the grade promotion due to a zero grade on her report card for math despite the fact that she competed in the Biology Olympiad representing her school, SMAN 4 Bandung. Secretary General of Federation of Indonesian Teachers Association (FSGI), Retno Listyarti, revealed that the school’s treatment of Puspita forms a violation of the student’s rights because there was a clear reason for her not attending school as she was diagnosed as sick.

Retno explained that such a violation can be reviewed from two aspects. First, teachers do not understand and misinterpreted curriculum 2013 that obliges a process and analysis of assessment of students through the portfolio. She added that in the situation whereby the student was sick, plus she was a participant of the Biology Olympiad, should be an indicator of flexibility for the lateness of the submission of her assignment.

Second, the teachers’ liability to have competencies and skills to achieve national education objectives has been stipulated in the Law on Teachers and Lecturers. Thus, the teachers’ lack of capability in undertaking the demands of the curriculum is a major and serious problem.

Another form of violation of student’s rights in Puspita’s case whereby the teacher did not give her a chance to submit the assignment as a make-up procedure potentially turns off the student’s creativity. Moreover, the mistakes in the process of service and system of grades management resulting in a zero grade being included are a violation of the regulation and the teachers’ code of ethics.


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