City Asks Private Developers for Help on School Renovations

The Jakarta Post, page 5

Jakarta Deputy Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat has suggested that the city administration ask private developers to take on 45 delayed school-building renovation projects because of previous bidding failures.

Djarot said after a meeting with top city officials at City Hall on Monday that private developers should take over school renovations as a part of fulfilling their obligations in relation to their commercial building permits. The obligation as stipulated in the permit usually has obligated developers to construct low-cost apartments. He said the renovation can be funded by the developers, so his party does not have to conduct a tender process anymore.

He added that the renovations were urgent as most of the buildings were no longer appropriate for school activities. Giving projects to developers has become a new habit of the city administration to speed up infrastructure development.

Djarot said he believed that letting developers execute the renovations would be cheaper and faster.  He used the example of the Rawa Bebek low-cost apartment in East Jakarta, whose development was taken over by a developer fulfilling its permit obligation. He said the end construction was fast and good. He said that we sometimes spend a lot of funds for an inefficient and average result. Many [city-managed] construction processes have also suffered delays.



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