Improve Education

Kompas, page 12

Education could become a strength or agent of change that supports the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. To that end, education is needed that is capable of encouraging social, economic, and environmental changes for the sake of a sustainable future. This was raised in the launching of Global Education Monitoring/GEM Report UNESCO 2016 titled Education for Man and Earth: Creating a Sustainable Future for All.

According to Senior Policy Analyst of GEM Report UNESCO Manos Antoninis, this report helps countries and the international community to obtain mapping in order to understand the progress in the process of achieving the SDGs. There are still many challenges to realizing SDGs in the field of education, where the focus is to ensure quality inclusive and equal education as well as promoting long-life education for residents/citizens.

He assessed, Indonesia is quite proactive in providing detailed report in the education field. Indonesia is viewed to be on the right track although there still needs to be a breakthrough conducted, improvement, and acceleration. The 9 year universal education is already underway and ever more children completing up to secondary education.

UNESCO Jakarta Director and Representative, Shahbaz Khan assessed, a number of education policies in Indonesia are improving and deserve recognition. The literacy rate of residents aged 15-24 years last year had reached around 99 percent. Whereas access to early childhood education also improved. Strengthening of quality education services in remote regions has been started. However, Indonesia still needs to transform, including strengthening vocational education as well as improving the mobility of professionals in ASEAN.



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