School Restoration More Urgent than Full Day School Discourse

The Ministry of National Education proposed a full-day school program some time ago. However, there is a higher priority matter for the Ministry to undertake, namely classroom restoration.

This matter is deemed to be more urgent and must be undertaken immediately since it could affect the quality of education. According to data from Kemendikbud, in 2016, there were 183,239 classrooms with severe and medium damage. This means there are some 5-6 million students who study in uncomfortable or dangerous conditions.

Parents also worry knowing that each day their children are in a classroom that might collapse. Moreover, schools are never advised on when the government will carry out repairs. SDN Leuwibatu 1, Bogor District is just one example in that the structure of its building has started to fracture. The walls are eroded and the roof is leaking. Some rooms are even supported by bamboo and wood to prevent them from collapsing.

Headmaster of SDN Leuwibatu 01, Ari Nurkhasanah, said that her school has reported this condition to the district government through UPT and the Department of Education. However, there has been no response. Even on many informal occasions, her school has reported the problems of damaged classrooms to members of DPRD Bogor but there has never been any follow-up on the matter.



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