Thirty Percent of Children from Poor Families Never Attend School

Global Education Monitoring (GEM) 2016 released by UNESCO recorded that 30% of children from the poorest families in low-income countries never attend school. Moreover, 25 million children across the world never attend elementary school (SD). Other data showed that the poor younger generation obtains 12 years of education in only 2 of 90 countries in the low to middle income range. Ostensibly, education is the key solution from governments and international communities towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

Senior Policy Analyst for GEM UNESCO Reporting, Manos Antoninis said that the results of such data do not mean that governments are not making any improvement in access. However, such data depicts the mapping of world education over the past 15 years.

He added that this can provide encouragement in that countries can review this global monitoring to implement improvements since the primary challenge in education is equality whereby people from lower economic communities can also enjoy education. To date, Indonesia has undertaken such improvement and needs to continue to do so due to the vast territory it covers. For there is still a major disparity between education in the cities and villages.

This report can provide recommendations on what needs to be developed to improve the access and quality of education. Furthermore, considering that Indonesia still has many gaps in its education, he hoped that it can introduce innovations by learning from neighboring countries.



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