UNESCO: Global Commitment for Education Low

Koran Sindo, page 2

Assistant Director General for Education UNESCO Qian Tang said, Global Education Monitoring (GEM) UNESCO 2016 just recently launched in Jakarta must be a reminder alarm. Achievement of global education commitment requires extra effort to part from the previous trend.   Education must become the agent of change to achieve the 2030 agenda.

The GEM report indicates the current trend that universal basic education would only be achieved in 2045, junior high school (SMP) education by 2059, and high school (SMA) by 2084. This trend indicates that the world is half a century late from the SDG 2030 achievement deadline. The issue is the lack of funding for education chronically hampering the advancement of education.

Expert Staff of Minister of Education and Culture Ananto Kusuma Seta stated,  Indonesia’s enrollment in education in the SMP and SMA levels is only 76%. According to him, the Indonesian government itself already has a policy in addressing the education issue with the 12 Year Compulsory Education. Then there is also a program for increasing/improving access through the Indonesia Smart Card and also focusing on school development in 3T regions including the preparation of teaching personnel through the Frontier Teachers or Guru Garis Depan and Undergraduates Teach or Sarjana Mengajar in 3T Regions.

Mendikbud Muhadjir Effendy added, the government is also committed to revolutionizing national character through the policy of restructuring of the national education curriculum to ensure teacher qualifications and welfare. GEM data shows that the basic education enrollment rate (APK) in Indonesia since year 2000 is still above 100%. While the primary school drop-out rate declined from 2.62% in year 2000 to become 0.26% in 2015.



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