Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) encourages graduates to become Entrepreneurs

Republika, page 5

The Rector of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Kadarsah Suryadi, encourages every ITB graduate to become an entrepreneur. A high number of entrepreneurs is believed to enhance  the nation’s economy with the growth of many jobs.

Kadarsah said that the still small number of graduates who create jobs has made a problem. He continued that various strategies have been pursued to strengthen ITB as a research university to becoming an entrepreneurial university. This is because research results will be beneficial to the public/society when it is realized into real products.

According to him, the cooperation with various parties is needed to apply the research results and creative works to address the nation’s issues. And also a reorientation on the  focus of the research so that the  results could be directly felt  by the people.

In order to realize it he said that  joint cooperation of many parties is needed. Among others with the central government, regional administrations, and industries. He gave an example that in developed countries, innovation created from  campus could be implemented  into appropriate technologies that benefit the communities due to  cooperation with many parties.



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