Kalla Agrees to Build Teacher Dormitory

Media Indonesia, page 14

Vice President (Wapres) Jusuf Kalla gave his approval for the establishment of a dormitory in the education center for state school teachers so that educational programs prepared for educators can be more directional.

In a question and answer session with Asosiasi Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan Negeri (ALPTKN) at the vice president palace, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/9), the Vice President said that he would call the Minister of Public Works and Minister of National Education if there is a party that has to prepare an area to build such a dormitory.

In this question and answer session, hosted by the Head of ALPTKN, who is also the Rector of Jakarta State University, Prof. Dr. H. Djaali, at least two rectors asked for the Vice President’s opinion on a boarding education center for teachers. It will not be a simple matter if all students have to stay in a dormitory.

However, the Vice President provided a solution that the dormitory system cannot be applied during the period when students are training to become educators. He added that they will stay in the dormitory only for the final year and the first is allocated for only a thousand students.

The Vice President also requested that there should be a system to instill the habit of discipline into the students. He also demanded that rectors of teachers’ educational institutions improve their students’ skills and knowledge.

He revealed that education system in Indonesia is always a step behind Singapore and Malaysia. For example, math exam in Indonesia is three years behind Singapore and two years behind Malaysia. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of national education, this must begin with improvement in the quality of teachers and constantly upgrading their knowledge.

Meanwhile, Djaali reported that only a limited number of state teacher education center graduates met the requirements. Successful graduates numbered only 12,000, while some 300,000 teachers are needed every year.


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