Inadequate Aid

Kompas, page 11

The school operational assistance (BOS) education funding aid and the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) has not been able to address the problem of the many students dropping out of school. Economic problems often prompt students to have no choice but to work. So far, BOS and KIP only served education, whereas family needs are not touched. Children finally have to work for the sake of helping the family. This could not be addressed with existing programs. This is the view of Bappenas Education Planner Amich Alhumami.

The geographical factor is deemed to also cause the increasing level of difficulty to access education. In other words, geographic factor, according to Amich is one of the causes of many students dropping out of school. There are quite many students who must undertake a distant journey to go to school because in their region SMPs or Junior High Schools are not available. Overcoming this matter, the government developed a one roof school in the frontier, outermost, disadvantaged (3T) regions. The one roof school makes students to no longer need to move to another school upon passing primary school and continuing on to junior high school (SMP).

However, according to Amich, only some regions have been identified, namely Maluku,  North Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara, Papua, and West Papua. The government would continue to identify regions that do not yet have a one roof school. Another problem is the very few teachers willing to live/stay in 3T areas.  The few teachers prompt students to be neglected in class. In the end parents choose to send their children to work rather than go to school.

Amich added, the problem of so many children dropping out of school should immediately be addressed. Various kinds of implications could occur on the school drop-out children, namely being trapped in child trade/trafficking, exploitation of child workers, and prostitution. In this case, Amich reminded the importance of the role NGOs that gather street children to return to studying. Bappenas routinely communicates with NGOs able to develop/coach street children.



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