Involving the Public and Family

Kompas, page 12

Character education requires the presence of standardized family and community education. Therefore, character education is not only centralized in school, but also occurs in the family and surrounding community. Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission Susanto said if character education is only applied in school, students would have double personality, obeying the rules in school, but often breaking rules outside school.

Susanto also touched on the concept of the full-day school in relation to character education. According to him, it is worth considering to change the concept into full-day learning. The place is not in school, but at home and the community. Whereas acting as educators are parents as well as the surrounding community. In the spirit of the concept is someone would continue learning in life. For students, education is not only academic, but also cultivating the development of personal character and social character.

National education expert of the University of Paramadina, Yudi Latif said social character education is still rarely touched at home or in school. Actually, in shaping a good society, a capable social order is needed.  Social order holds an important role because a negative personality could change to be positive if placed in the midst of a structured environment.

Whereas Secretary of the Department of Research and Community Services M Abduhzen reminded the importance of example from the state. The form is among others the wise enforcement and application of rules/regulations, budget transparency, making rational policy, provide quick and appropriate services, as well as positive behavior of government officials. Such action provides a sort of standard for community education because the state’s services should be felt from the city to the village.



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