Mendikbud Prepares a New Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) Scheme

Koran Sindo, page 14

The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy stated  that should the data collection of Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) not be completed by September 2016, there would be a change in the mechanism of distributing the social fund assistance. However, the Minister did not want to explain further of the changes.

The Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Dikdasmen) of the  Kemendikbud, Hamid Muhammad,  said that before the new scheme is implemented, the Ministry  will see the development of the KIP registrations in the Education Data Base (Dapodik) up to the end of September.

As is understood, Kemendikbud has already issued a circular letter extending the KIP registration period in Dapodik until September 30, 2016. This is due to the fact that  until the 31 August 2016 deadline, the KIP data submitted to the Dapodik  had only reached 40 percent, and a number of KIPs have not been distributed and is still withheld  in the village office / district (lurah) office.

Meanwhile, education observer Indra Charismiadji said that the issues  in the process of distribution and disbursement of the  KIP  was due to invalid data.  If the distribution scheme is changed but the KIP target data is not updated, then similar problems would occur in the future. Indra added, what needs to be improved are efficient coordination and effective planning.




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