Patriotism Education Must Be Emphasized to Prevent It from Fading away

Education observer, Darmaningtyas, said that patriotism education must be emphasized at formal schools so that the younger generation can preserve its values. He added that patriotism education does not need to be explicitly provided in the curriculum, but can be, for example, through a flag ceremony every Monday (hidden curriculum).

He revealed that such hidden curriculum will be easier for students to absorb than a formal curriculum. Other matters that could be included in a hidden curriculum are politeness and love for the nation.

He also said that current patriotism education needs to be added with teaching on pluralism since there is a tendency of teenagers to pay attention to radicalism.

The trend towards radicalism among teenage students at schools was shown, among others, from a survey by Lembaga Kajian Islam dan Perdamaian (LaKIP) in April 2011 and a survey by Maarif Institute at the end of 2015. This was related to the pattern of formal education that is very open and schools, especially private schools that decrease the provision of patriotism education to their students.

Firmness from the government on the learning of radicalism at school is necessary and headmasters are urged to teach the hidden curriculum that is in accordance with Indonesia’s viewpoint to ensure the students pay more respect to history and plurality in Indonesia.




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