The Government is Negligent, Report Cards based on Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP) not available

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

The Expert Staff  of the  National Education Commission (KomnasPendidikan) Andreas Tambah said that the government should immediately distribute report cards to schools conducting  the Education Unit Level  Curriculum  (KTSP) or 2006 Curriculum (K-2006). The reason is that according to reports from the school principals that the KTSP version report cards for the Jakarta  province had not been printed since the 2015/2016 academic year  until present.

Andreas said the delays in the report cards, have proven that the government performance is poor. This is because it is the first time it has occurred.  In the past, if a delay occurred it would only last for a semester only, and not one year.

The same opinion was also stated by the Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesia Teachers Union (FSGI) Retno Listyarti.  She regretted the government’s delay in providing the report cards. According to Retno, this delay had occurred due to the negligence of the government. Because the Junior High Schools holding KTSP are far more in number than that of Curriculum 2013 (K-13). The government should have anticipated all the possibilities, including the delays. Retno asserted that this failure should be evaluated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, because it has affected the students. Especially for the transferring students who must use temporary report cards during their transfer process.

According to Coordinator of Private Schools, Matingan Tampubolon, the delays are triggered by the  auction process.  In this case, the government is too cautious in using the funds, thus  the process really runs according to the procedure.  One of the examples is that the criteria of the auction winner must have education certification. This is very difficult to implement, because many printing companies do not have an education certificate.


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