Doctorates Urged to Become Professors

Kompas, page 11

Indonesia needs at least 22,000 professors.  However, the available number has only reached a quarter of it. There needs to be various efforts to motivate lecturers already holding doctoral degrees or those teaching for over ten years to undergo procedures to become professors. Director General of Resources for Science & Technology and Higher Education, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemristek dan Dikti) Ali Ghufron Mukti said one of the accreditation requirements of higher education is every study program has a minimum of one professor.

Data of Kemristek dan Dikti per January 2016 indicated there are 5,889 professors throughout Indonesia. They comprise of 5,094 professors in state universities and 795 persons in private universities. The figure shows an increase in number. Because in October 2015 the total number of professors was only 4,710 people.

Ghufron said, in July 2015, Kemristek dan Dikti promulgated acceleration of the process of professor appointment by using online system. Previously, lecturers who applied to become professors should collect various requirement documents. Through the online system,   the prospective professor need only photograph or scan the needed documents, then upload to the Kemristek dan Dikti site. Within two months, a reply would be given on whether or not the applicants’ documents were accepted.

Meanwhile, Rector of State University of Surabaya Warsono said, he was helped by the professor processing acceleration by the government. However, becoming a professor should start from the desire of each individual. He motivated 234 lecturers of doctoral degree to want to become professors.



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