Five Million Indonesian Citizens Are Illiterate

Republika, page 4

Some five million Indonesian citizens are still illiterate. Almost two-thirds of these are female over 45 years old.

Directorate General of Early Childhood Education and Society Education, Harris Iskandar, in Jakarta, Friday (9/9) said that there were 5,778,486 illiterate citizens in Indonesia in 2015. The highest numbers of illiterate citizens are from Papua Province (28.61%), West Nusa Tenggara (10.62%), West Sulawesi (7.63%), South Sulawesi (7.15%) and East Nusa Tenggara (6.94%).

Some two-thirds of the illiterate citizens are over 45 years old. The majority of these are women who live in villages and in poverty. Meanwhile, illiterate citizens under 45 years old account for only 1%.

Haris added that his Directorate admitted that illiteracy directly affects society’s economic status. Therefore, Kemendikbud is currently carrying out an illiteracy alleviation campaign through a vocational program approach by providing entrepreneurship skills and knowledge for women in villages. Through this vocational approach, elderly citizens can have the motivation to be free from illiteracy.



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