Kemristek: Professor Allowance Cut Not a Threat

Officials of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education said the plan to cut the allowances of professors was not meant as a threat or to scare the professors, but more of encouraging them to work more optimally, Director General of Resources for Science & Technology and Higher Education, Kemenristek Dikti Prof Dr Ali Gufron Mukti said indeed the discourse of reducing allowance and not promoting the professors who are unproductive within a certain period of time had been discussed under the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) last month, but the aim is to provide motivation in order for them after obtaining big compensation to do their job even better.

He was asked his response regarding the plan of allowance cuts and delay in the rank of professors in the university environment to be implemented in 2017 if the professors do not conduct published research and scientific study.  Earlier, Director of Research and Development Strengthening, Muhammad Dimyati said professors should provide example and initiate researchers. So it is only natural if sanctions are given if they do not do their job, one of which is to conduct research. Dimyati also added professors who within a year do not publish scientific research, their promotion would be postponed.

According to Ali Gufron, the highest functional career peak as an educator in the higher education environment is professorship. Hence, when someone is given a mandate as professor, he/she should also perform his/her function; teaching, researching, serving and giving example to junior lecturers. He said the concerns often conveyed by Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Menristek Dikti) Muhammad Nasir towards the weakness of professors in Indonesia is due to the minimal number of scientific research published in international journals.




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