UI Ready to Implement Output Based Research Budget


The University of Indonesia (UI) is ready to implement output based research budget expected to improve research productivity, because so far research is more focused on process burdened by administrative issues.

Deputy Rector III of the University of Indonesia in Research and Innovation, Rosari Saleh said it was conducted in accordance with Kemenristek Dikti’s direction in order to carry out a paradigm shift in research which is no longer on process but output from research. The change towards output based research familiarized by Kemenristek Dikti is believed to improve productivity of research in Indonesia.

She said UI was not concerned over the paradigm shift and UI had already started to implement output based research budget (ARBO) in building a research climate here.    She also stated a number of new policies in the world of research and innovation of the University of Indonesia have been conducted. She also said every research proposal should be coupled with signing of an agreement to ensure significant output for the improvement of research quality nationwide as well as international.

According to her a set of programs have also been prepared to answer the challenges of improving research quality, including by providing intensive assistance for every research idea that originates from students to lecturers. UI even provides a special symposium space for thesis level students to encompass as many fresh ideas as possible in research and innovation.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/berita/583235/ui-siap-laksanakan-anggaran-riset-berbasis-output



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