Family, People’s Care Growing

Kompas, page 12

Active roles of people in promoting education both inside and outside schools are still required due to the fact the Government, or the Ministry of Education and Culture, has not been able to deal with a huge number of education problems and needs completely. Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, deems that people and families have been one of the most important elements in education.

Therefore, considering the limitation of the Ministry to handle the entire problems, the Ministry highly appreciates all participation of any party in education, said by the Minister in a meeting with education activists, both individuals and communities, united in WOW Save Indonesia, Tuesday (9/13).

People of different backgrounds, including child protection observers and activists, psychologists, education activists, academicians, film producers, and mass media, have joined WOW Save Indonesia. In addition to discussing various thoughts and ideas on education and child protection they utilize all means such as social media and hold various activities and programs including hearings with the Ministry of Education and Cultures to promote education and child protection with the spirit of volunteerism.

Education should be understood to its widest extent. It ranges from child-centered education and culture development in education to producing inspiring songs and films laden with education messages for children and families. Muhadjir put as an example early childhood education and kindergarten, which rely so much on active roles of families and communities. Currently, the Government has 470 kindergartens. Family education which is also very important has not been optimally developed.



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