Targeting 1,500 KJMU Receivers

Jawa Pos, page 26

Government of DKI Jakarta Province (Pemprov) enhanced the scope of Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) receivers from previously only for SD, SMP and SMA/SMK levels, to also include university level now. Students from DKI with high levels of achievement and admittance to state universities (PTN) in Indonesia can now obtain education funds through Excellent College Student Card or Kartu Jakarta Mahasiswa Unggul (KJMU).

Technical Implementation Unit of Center for Planning, Management and Financing of Education Personnel and Operational (UPT P6O)’s Sub-Division Head of Administration, DKI Jakarta Education Office, Suharso, targeted 1,500 university students as recipients of KJMU. The total budget provided is Rp13.5 billion with each university student obtaining Rp1.5 million per month.

To date there are 26 PTNs cooperating with his party. Pemprov DKI hoped that this KJMU can help underprivileged students to complete their study in PTNs under both Kemenristek Dikti and Kemenag.

Suharso added that as of 13 September there were 111 university students registered. The system for reimbursement is similar to KJP, which is every semester. The procedure and requirements to apply for KJMU are stipulated in Governor Regulation No. 133 of 2016.


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