Teachers to Have Training to Establish Child-Friendly Schools


Chairman of the Indonesian Children Protection Institution (LPAI), Seto Mulyadi, said that teachers should have trainings to create child-friendly schools due to the fact that there still many teachers applying violence approaches in education.

Seto added that to promote the program of safe school, his institution provides trainings for teachers in cooperation with local governments. This year, LPAI is holding a road show to 30 cities. We want to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and Cultures to create active teachers who apply no violence in teaching.

He added that child-friendly schools are designed to promote teachers to be friends of students so that they can easily motivate children to study and create joyful learning ambiance. Therefore, Seto asserted that violence cannot be justified. Thus, anyone doing violence to children shall be subject to criminal sanctions like 5-year imprisonment.

According to Seto, violence to children is due to the absence of such trainings. Besides, 70% of the existing teachers are not qualified. Therefore, teachers should have trainings on how to teach creatively and interestingly. The training will prevent teachers from doing violence.

Link: http://www.beritasatu.com/kesra/385506-guru-harus-diberi-pelatihan-untuk-bentuk-sekolah-ramah-anak.html



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