Ways How West Bangka Government Promotes Interest in Reading


To broaden up the horizons of local people, the Regental Government of West Bangka in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province continues promoting the interest in reading by, among others, holding various competitions.

Head of Archive and Library Office in West Bangka, Rino Rizaldi, said that they are holding various competitions related to reading for all people in West Bangka, ranging from early aged children to adults. Rino said that those competitions would hopefully increase people’s interest in reading texts.

According to him, in this age, it is necessary to make people realized that they should increase their knowledge and broaden up their horizons by reading various books so that they do not lag behind other nations. Among the competitions held by the local government are synopsis writing, story telling, stand-up comedy, coloring and folklore writing. In addition to those competition,  the Archive and Library Office in West Bangka makes coordination with the Education, Youth and Sport Office of West Bangka to improve interest in reading among students through the movement of reading books for 5 minutes per day.

Such coordination is aimed at increasing the number of students’ visits to libraries in each school in the region. According to Rino, everyday there will be students who visit regional libraries. He expected that this pattern will be developed so that more students will visit libraries.

Link: http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/09/13/65/1488274/cara-pemerintah-bangka-barat-tingkatkan-minat-baca



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