Can Indonesia Maintain Its Smiling Islam label?

Indonesia is a country which consists of different races, ethnics and religions. As the country with the largest Moslem population in the world, Indonesian Moslems are able to apply tolerance. Head of Research, Development, Education and Training Department of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Abdul Rahman Mas’ud, said that Indonesia has once hit by problems perturbing religious tolerance. At least, over the last five years, religious tolerance, cooperation and tolerance have continuously faced challenges, he said.

Although Indonesia has a lot of local wisdoms which can be important capital for tolerance, Abdul said that Indonesia has not been able to tackle existing problems of religious tolerance. Therefore, a worrying question whether or not Indonesian people are able to maintain their label of friendly Islam comes to the fore.

There have been many questions on whether or not Indonesian will remain smiling Islam, said Mas’ud in A Meeting of Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP), Wednesday (9/14). Therefore, he asserted that one of the steps to strengthen the predicate of friendly Islam in Indonesia is to standardize Islamic clerics. Mas’ud added that many have ignored the preaching ethics which was issued in 1979 and the Decree of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1981 on foundations of preaching in the form of tolerance.

In relation to teaching, Executive Director of Abdurahman Wahid Center of University of Indonesia, Ahmad Suaeby suggested that education institutions should follow creations available in societies. According to him, the death of Gus Dur can be an example. Many people of different religions still come to his tomb to pray. If people can apply that culture, we will be able to strengthen the face of religious movement in Indonesia.




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