Discussing Character Education, Minister of Education Inviting 20 Schools


Minister of Education and Cultures, Muhajir Effendi, invited 20 elementary schools and junior high schools across Indonesia to attend and to provide inputs in preparation acceleration of Character Education Strengthening (CES) program in Jakarta, Wednesday (9/14). The Minister expected that there would be many inputs from various schools.

The Minister revealed that what is important in character education is active roles of teachers, principals, and school committee. The roles of teachers are important because students will have good characters if the teachers have good characters. Principals should good managers instead of spending their time for teaching. Schools should have wide cultural values by utilizing their school environments as the sources of learning.

Principal of SDT Bina Ilmu elementary school, Jamaludin said that character education should be applied in schools, especially elementary schools, without excuses. Character education can be started from simple things like keeping cleanliness, prayers in congregation, and queuing at canteens, among others. Such examples, he added, will hopefully encourage children to have aqidah and noble characters, disciplines, and high achievements in the future. So, they will be good not only in academic matters but also characters.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/16/09/14/odhol6313-bahas-pendidikan-karakter-mendikbud-undang-20-sekolah



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