Govt. to renew religious lessons toward of radicalism

The Ministry of Religious Affairs, assisted by the Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) Indonesia, are revising religious lessons, especially lessons on Islam religion, to include tolerance values and religious tolerance in order to prevent radicalism from spreading. Islamic education expert, Amin Haedari, said that the lessons of Islamic religion should be interestingly taught and should instill cultural values and lead tolerance. Tolerance should be taught in better packages so that the message that Islam is the grace for the cosmos can be understood by students.

The revision has been actually started since 2015 by training 30 instructors who will then train teachers to bring religious tolerance values to the classroom. The revision will be then developed at the levels of regency and province.

A consultant of ACDP Indonesia for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Muljani Nurhadi, said that currently the majority of schools have applied the method in their classrooms and hopefully by 2017 this method would have been applied across the country.  Muljani added that teachers should change their teaching methods to make them more interactive and more interesting because to prevent radicalism in schools teachers should deliver their teaching materials in more interesting methods.

According to Muljani, to ward off radicalism, it is not necessary to increase the learning hours. Teachers should only change their teaching methods. So, many teachers of religions deliver the lesson uninterestingly. Muljani said that radicalism has good communication skills. It can be in camouflage of private lesson classes.




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