Indonesia Still Lacks Engineers in Facing AEC

Media Indonesia, page 13

The policy of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) demands improvement in both quality and quantity of human resources. In order to face such development and competition, 175,000 new engineers are needed every year. Unfortunately, to date Indonesia can only produce some 45,000 engineers every year, as was revealed by Rector of Sampoerna University, Wahdi Yudhi, in Jakarta, on Wednesday (14/9).

Unless it is immediately addressed this could become a major obstacle. This lack of experts in the technological field will subject industries in Indonesia to the risk of falling further behind, while job opportunities will be dominated by foreign labor.

Head of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, Louisiana State University, Dimitris E. Nikitopoulos said that in order to produce engineers who can compete at the global level, the government must change the learning programs. Engineers should also acquire skills for the involvement of the life of society and be high sensitivity to the actual condition of surrounding society and the global world.



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