Minister declares Lamandau as eligible children district

Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Minister Yohana Yembise declared Lamandau District, Central Kalimantan Province, as an Eligible Children District (KLA). Minister hope Lamandau District may soon follow other regencies/cities. It also requires commitment, cooperation and support from all stakeholders, including government, community, business and media, as well as parents.

She explained that this joint commitment is expected to be followed by concrete steps with a view to fulfilling the rights and ensuring protection of children in Lamandau District.

She noted that the fulfillment of the rights and protection of children as a whole is measured through 31 indicators that each district/city must meet if it wants to be KLA.

The rights and special protection is ensured by indicators grouped in five clusters, namely, civil rights and freedoms, family environment and alternative care, basic health and welfare, education, use of leisure and cultural activities and special protection for 15 categories of children.

She added, efforts towards becoming KLA is in line with the convention on the rights of the child and legislation related to children. As of now, there were 294 districts/cities in Indonesia that have announced taking steps towards becoming KLA.




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