More Practices

Republika, page 4

Directorate of Vocational High School Development of the Ministry of Education and Cultures will increase the percentage of field practices for students of vocational high schools. Director of Vocational High School Development, Mustaghfirin Amin, said that currently the learning percentage in vocational high school is 50% for theory and 50% for practices. He added that the Ministry wants to change the percentage to be 70% for practices and 30% for theories.

Mustaghfirin said that the Directorate is currently formulating curriculum adjustments for the increasing hours of practices. The reason, he said, is to make the number of locations and the number of available mentors in good composition. He added that practices of Vocational School students are carried out at schools, industries, fields, and societies.

Mustafhfirin said that they will formulate several matters in curriculum of vocational schools including ratio of practices to theories. In one week, 48 hours will be used to achieve the target of 70% practices. He added that new lessons are not necessary, but the ratio. Students of vocational schools will be creative people in the fields. The curriculum will be adjusted to accommodate conditions in the field.  He said that the policy will be commenced next semester.



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