Australia Promoting Research Education Cooperation

Kompas, page 12

The Australian Government has commitment to increase the number of Indonesian students to continue their studies in Australia. Cooperation between universities will be also promoted to strengthen relationship in education and research sector. Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson, said that the biggest factor in Indonesia-Australia relationship exists in the education, tourism, and economy sectors as well as personal relationship. Politic plays little roles.

The Australian Government recorded that currently some 8,500 Indonesian students study in Australia. Australia has been the number one destination for Indonesian students. In Indonesia the number of alumni of Australian universities reaches 100,000. Grigson said that the high number of international students in Australia has provided contribution to improvement of high education quality. Researches conducted in universities apply various cultural perspectives which subsequently enrich the contents.

One of the efforts made by the Australian Government is to increase the number of their college students to come to Indonesia. They join cultural exchange programs for one month up to one year. According to Grigson, until 2016, there are 2,000 Australian students in Indonesia. The number is expected to increase to 3,000 by 2017. Indonesia and Australia share cultural and ethnic diversities in common, allowing them to learn each other.



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