Govt. to Bear Scholarships of Students in Turkey

Republika, page 4

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir, said at his office in Jakarta, Wednesday (9/15), that the Government will bear the scholarships of 215 Indonesian students currently in Turkey. The Ministry will bear the tuitions of students of post-graduate (S2) and doctorate (S3) programs. However, it will be adjusted to the State’s capability. The Government will take over scholarship for S2 and S3 students. Meanwhile, financing patter for students receiving scholarships for bachelor programs (S1) will be discussed later.

Actually, the 215 Indonesian students currently studying in Turkey enjoyed scholarships from Pasiad Foundation which is accused for alleged relationship with Turkey’s position organization led by Fethullah Gulan.  As a result, their scholarships are under threat of termination.

In responding to the situation, Nasir said that the Government is currently collecting the data of S1, S2, and S3 students and the relevant institutions.

In addition, the Ministry has made a meeting with the Ministry of Finance to discuss the financing of the scholarships for S1 students. The meeting also calculated the total fund needed for those students. Currently, for the budget allocation, the Ministry is waiting for the policy of the Ministry of Finance.




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