Industries’ Enthusiasm in Researches Low

Media Indonesia, page 12

After for years being the lowest among the countries in South East Asia in the percentage of budget for researches, over the last two years Indonesia’s budget for researches in its Gross Domestic product showed an increase from 0.09% to 0.2%. But, sadly, contribution of private sectors remains low.

Currently, the Government’s expenditure for researches is still dominant, reaching 75%, all of which come from the State Budget. Meanwhile, privates sectors contribute only 25%.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Muhammad Nasir, said that the Ministry will encourage enthusiasm of industries to conduct researches. He admitted that the low contribution of the private sectors is due, among others, to insufficient support from the Government. Therefore, the Ministry will amend several regulations so far considered hampering research development in industries.

For that purpose, Nasir added, the Ministry has asked the Ministry of Finance to provide double tax deduction. According to him, under the policy, it will be possible for private companies and industries allocating more funds to researches to get tax exemption.



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