Australia Opens a Scholarship Program for SMA

Indopos, page 16

Australia Independent School (AIS) has opened scholarship registration for Indonesian students with high achievement. Previously known as the Australian International School, AJS is a private educational institution built since 1996. AIS is ready to provide scholarships for senior high school (SMA) students to attend the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) course. This marks the first time AIS Indonesia has offered scholarships and they are being awarded to four talented SMA students.

These students will receive full scholarship for three years commencing in April 2017 when they are in class 10 to 12. This will cover 100% for school tuition, examination fees in IB Diploma and for school development fees during the scholarship program.

AIS Indonesia Principal, Brenton Hill explained that this program is a form of appreciation for Indonesian students who have superior academic skills by providing an Australian curriculum that interactively stimulates the students’ ability to develop a creative, independent and wide range of thought, plus develop confidence and sharpen effective communication skills.

The period for registration has begun and will close on 4 November 2016. Those selected will have Math and English tests on 17-21 November. Students who pass the test will continue to the next selection phase in the form of interviews in front of a panel of judges at the end of November or early December 2016.




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