Minimum Certification Limit Burdensome

Media Indonesia, page 12

Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Ditjen GTK Kemendikbud) which applies a new policy on minimum score standar for teacher certification through Teacher Profession Education and Learning (PLPG) has begun to reap criticism.

Secretary General of Indonesian Teacher Association Federation (FSGI) Retno Listyarti said that the increase of minimum score from 42 to 80 is illogical because it is too high. In fact, it was planned that the minimum score standar for teacher certification will be increased 0.5 gradually every year. She said that increase was insisted. The current increase of 100% has been of course burdensome. Besides, it is applied without sufficient dissemination.

She asserted that an education policy should not be applied top down. Even if, it is based on an approval of the Vice President. The policy should be first disseminated and tested before it is applied entirely.

Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel, Sumarna Surapranata, said that the passing score of teacher certification test is increased from 42 to 80 this year. The increase was based on a report of the World Bank stating that there is no difference between certified teachers and non-certified teachers. Actually, the score increase is coupled with a new mechanism different from that of the previous year. In the past, teachers failing the certification test could not join another test or take part in teacher training from the beginning, but, this year, teachers who fail a certification test will have opportunities to take another certification test up to four times.


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