Teacher Certification Standard Tougher

Koran Sindo, page 5

The Ministry of Education and Cultures continues improving quality of education personnel in Indonesia by, among others, increasing the passing standard of teacher certification tests, said Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel, Sumarna Surapranata.

Pranata expected that with higher score standards teachers participating in the certification tests will improve their quality. And, the most important thing is that they will have improved quality. According to Pranata, a research conducted by the World Bank found no significant difference between quality of teachers who have already taken certification tests and that of those who have not taken certification tests.

However, He added, teachers should unnecessarily overreact. The Ministry will provide lenience for teachers who fail a certification test. They will have opportunities to repeat the test. The test can be taken by teachers without any necessity to take part in Teacher Training Program (PLPG) from the beginning.

Pranata said that the current teacher certification test will be similar to TOEFL because the test will be held at Training Institution for Education Personnel (LPTK) appointed by the Ministry of National Education and Cultures. This year, some 69,259 teachers recruited before and after 2015 will take part in PLPG which will be held from October to December 2016.



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