Teachers Have No Time to Study Materials

Kompas, page 13, Saturday, Sept 17

Some teachers have known the Learning Teacher program launched by the Government. But, they said that it is difficult to spare their times to study modules due to a dense teaching schedules and a lot of administrative tasks at schools. Giman, an English teachers at State Senior High School 32 Jakarta, said that though he can read the modules in the Learning Teacher website, he cannot read them in depth and carefully. Much of teachers’ time spends mostly to prepare syllabus and to evaluate students.

Actually, the Learning Teacher program is aimed at increasing teachers’ competence Results of Teacher Competence Test (UKG) in 2015 showed that 81% got 60 as their highest score. Teacher training expert, Itje Chodidjah, said that UKS should not be used for teacher competence evaluation in general because it evaluates only pedagogical and academic competences theoretically. Meanwhile, Social, psychological and personal competences are not tested. In fact, a teacher should be a package of cognitive knowledge and skills, including student educating skills and socializing skills.

Meanwhile, Learning Teacher is aimed only at UKG scores but fails to improve teachers’ skills in general. According to Itje, since the beginning recruitments of civil servant teachers should apply competence tests. Subsequently, their competences are improved through applied trainings.



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